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Top 8 Online Password Generators

Norton Password Generator

Norton Password Generator is a handy password generator tool. You can set password length, including letters, mixed cases, punctuation, and numbers. You can also install a browser extension of this tool.

Wight Hat Password Generator

Wight Hat Password Generator has been around for quite some and proved to be one of the best online password generators.

Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator is another great resource to generator strong passwords. You can choose different options like length, punctuation and avoid similar characters but also phonetic words to make it easier to remember passwords.


LastPass Password Generator is a popular password manager program that also offers a free password generator tool. This tool helps us create an unbreakable and strong password in seconds.

MSD Services

MSD Services is a website which helps you to create multiple unique passwords based on different parameters.


SAFEPASSWD is another great website that has been around for more than a decade and is considered one of the best websites to create a strong password. With the options provided, you can truly create some passwords that are impossible to crack.


XKPASSWRD offers a range of options to create unique and strong passwords.


Passwds is a quick and easy online password generator. You do not find any option here to make changes in the password but simply ten unique passwords will be displayed on the screen.

Gulraeez Gulshan
Gulraeez Gulshan
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