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A practical guide to becoming a React Developer

I have seen many newbies who want to start their career in React but found them struggling to answer a question: where to start from? In this article, I will share ultimate resources that could not only help newbies but also experienced developers to upgrade their skills in React.

What skills are required? How do acquire those skills? and Where to learn? are the few questions I will try to answer in this article.

What is React?

React is a javascript library maintained by Facebook to build user interfaces or UI components. We can use React for building Single-page web applications and mobile applications. React is quite popular due to its easy learning curve that means anyone can learn it and build top-notch web or mobile applications.

What is a React Developer?

You can choose to become a Front-end React Developer or a Full-stack React Developer. Front-end react developers use extensive knowledge of JavaScript to create pixel-perfect UI design. On the other hand, Full-stack React Developers are proficient in working with back-end like Node JS, Express JS, Next JS, and database i.e MongoDB or PostgreSQL. MERN (MongoDB-Express-React-Node) stack is a very popular development stack.

Skills of a React Developer

When you look for job skills required for react developer on any job portal, you will see below skills required by almost every employer.

1) Web Technologies – HTML/CSS, Basic JavaScript, Asynchronous JavaScript, JavaScript ES6, TypeScript, Sass/Less, Tailwind CSS.

2) ReactReact JS, React Hooks, React Native

3) State Management ToolsRedux, Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, Redux Toolkit.

4) Back-end developmentNodeJS, ExpressJS, NextJS, Gatsby.

5) Relational DatabasesPostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Aurora

6) NoSQL DatabasesMongoDB, DynamoDB, Firebase, CosmosDB

7) Offline DatabasesSQLite, Watermelon DB, Redux Offline, PouchDB

8) Data Fetching API & Tools – RESTful APIs, GraphQL

9) API Integration – Google Maps Platform SDKs and APIs for Maps, Routes, and Places.

10) Authentical ToolsJWT, OAuth

11) Testing ToolsJest, Mocha

12) UI/UX Design ToolsFigma, Adobe XD

13) Code RepositoriesGit, GitHub, GitHub Actions

14) Cloud Management – AWS Amplify, AWS CloudFront, AWS Lamda, Amazon S3, AWS Neptune, Google Platform, Microsoft Azure

15) Other Web Framework & LibrariesSocket IO, MomentJS, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, WebPack, Contenful, Stripe, Web Animation, React Shimmer Effect , Formik and Yup, Storybook

Books to Read

If you truly want to excel your career in React then you must read most of the following books if not all. Whether you are an experienced developer or a newbie; these books are really going to help you in solving practical react problems. I have chosen books that are hands-on and most of the books includes practical react projects.

Book NameBook CoverSkills Covered
A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScriptBasics of JavaScript
Understanding ECMAScript 6: The Definitive Guide for JavaScript DevelopersJavaScript ES6, Asynchronous JavaScript
Essential TypeScript 4: From Beginner to Pro 2nd ed. EditionTypescript
Express in Action: Writing, building, and testing Node.js applications 1st EditionExpress JS
Pro React 16 1st ed. EditionReact, Sportstore React Application, RESTful API, GraphQL, Redux
React Hooks in Action: With Suspense and Concurrent ModeReact Hooks in Action: With Suspense and Concurrent ModeReact Hooks, i.e useState, useEffect, useReducer, useRef, useMemo, Context API, Cutom Hooks
Full-Stack React Projects: Learn MERN stack development by building modern web apps using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js, 2nd EditionMERN Stack, MERN Projects, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS and Real-world MERN Projects
Full Stack Serverless: Modern Application Development with React, AWS, and GraphQL 1st EditionGraphyQL, AWS Services
Next.js Quick Start Guide: Server-side rendering done rightNext JS
Git for Programmers: Master Git for effective implementation of version control for your programming projectsGit, GitHub
AWS Certified Developer Associate All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam DVA-C01) 1st EditionAll AWS Services a developer must know
Rapid Application Development with AWS Amplify: Build cloud-native mobile and web apps from scratch through continuous delivery and test automation 1st EditionAWS Amplify, GraphQL, DynamoDB, Amplify Authentication, Cypress

Online Video Learning Resources

Youtube is a great source of learning and it has plethora of video content on React. I am suggesting some video tutorial that you should watch completely and execute the code and task given in the video. You should not only watch but practice the content of whole video by your self for comprehensive learning.

Youtube Resources for Learning

Javascript Nuggets

JavaScript Challenges

React with Redux Toolkit Crash Course

Full React Course 2020 – Learn Fundamentals, Hooks, Context API, React Router, Custom Hooks

Node.js and Express.js – Full Course

AWS Certified Developer

Git Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Git in 1 Hour

Youtube Resources for Portfolio/React Projects

Code 15 React Projects – Complete Course

Build an Expense Tracker | React Hooks & Context API

Build a COVID-19 Tracker with REACT JS for Beginners (React Hooks and Material UI)

ECommerce Web Shop – Build & Deploy an Amazing App | React.js, Commerce.js, Stripe

React JS Crash Course for Beginners – Build 4 Apps in 12 Hours (Redux, Firebase, Auth + More) [2021]

Full Stack MERN Project – Build and Deploy an App | React + Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB [Part 1/2]

Full Stack MERN Project – Build and Deploy an App | React + Redux, Node, Express, MongoDB [Part 2/2]

Let’s Build a Full-Stack AMAZON Clone with REACT JS for Beginners (Full E-Comm Store in 8 Hrs) 2021

Build and Deploy a React PWA – Why Progressive Web Apps are the Future of the Web

Build and Deploy a Full Stack Realtime Chat Messaging App with Authentication & SMS Notifications

Build and Deploy a Group Video Chat Application with Messaging, Polls & More

Build and Deploy a Google Maps Travel Companion Application | React.js

Build and Deploy a Premium Next JS React Website | Landing Page, Business Website, Portfolio

Youtube Channels to Subscribe

JavaScript Mastery

Coding Addict


Programming with Mosh

Sonny Sangha

Clever Programmer


Traversy Media

Interview Preparations

300 React Interview Questions

Gulraeez Gulshan
Gulraeez Gulshan
I am an engineer, programmer, tech-savvy professional, and very passionate about the latest technologies for the modern web, mobile, cloud-native, machine learning, and network automation. I have a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master's degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from a renowned university in Pakistan. I have not limited myself to a certain set of skills in this era where technology is in a state of flux; I have experience working with an extensive range of technologies and learning daily to update my skills and adapt to the latest technologies

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